Clam Licks Salt Off the Table

Love salt? So does this clam*, which uses its ridiculously large tongue** to eat some salt off the table. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

*Clams don't really like salt, but they love wine
**It doesn't have a tongue either, so stop writing that "Dear Neatorama, you're wrong" email. My inbox is full.

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OK, if it doesn't like salt and that isn't it's tongue, then what's really going on?

Without eyes, and out of water, I didn't think it could detect the salt, so it's sticking out it's tongue-like-thing and pseudo-licking the table couldn't really be seeking the salt. But I'm unfamiliar with clam physiology to know what that thing really is, or why it would stick it out.
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From The Daily What:

As the New Statesman — and a handful of TDW readers — explain: “You are watching the execution by torture of an animal which may be almost two centuries old.”

What appears to be the “tongue” of the clam is actually its ”foot,” and it is attempting to make an escape in search of water:
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Just to see if egbert was right I clicked the vid link and see the "removed due violation of terms" message. Good! I hope the despicable vid poster understands why and learns from it before making other earthlings suffer.
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