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I have a friend who has one and uses it on the Go Train(commuter train to/from the suburbs to Toronto). The range is quite limited, but it does indeed work apparently. They don't just turn it on for the entire ride, every ride... very selected use.

Not saying I agree/disagree with it. Music + headphones works well for me. That said, there have certainly been times where I would have loved to have had one.
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"This guy" = Neil Degrasse Tyson.

If you've never heard him speak do yourself a favour and check out Colbert vs Neil Degrasse Tyson on youtube. Crazy intelligent, yet a really entertaining speaker.
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bah... annoying that I can't edit comment. I mean that because of the reduced days in a year that first days of seasons would no longer align on the 21st or 22nd of a month, rather would slowly be reduced by a day until the year with the extra week.
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And this would mean that the changing of seasons would be on a different day each year since those are determined by lunar cycles, no? ie, First day of summer = day with most daylight, First day of winter = day with least daylight.
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The masks/changing of are part of the Beijing opera. When I was there i simply asked somebody how it was done. The masks are wafer thin. They are both layered on the face when starting and some are in the crown. There are strings that go down to his fingers through the cape that, when pulled, pull a specific mask either from crown-to-face or face-to-cape pocket. It's still awesome though.
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This is meant to be immaturely funny. It is. Made me smile, but obviously not to be taken seriously The odd part is comments in this thread... some people actually are fitting the stereotype portraid. I honestly don't know if some comments are being satirical or if they're serious in their negativity. If serious... don't laugh at baseball in the nuts videos.
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This is completely irresponsible. So it'll most likely go through in the States.

Whereas the rest of the world doesn't seem to have an issue with converting to CFL and LED solutions, considerably reducing energy needs and hence the pollution involved with creating that energy, the world's largest polluting country by population wants to just keep going.

Bravo. Slow clap. "We'll do our part... as long as it doesn't cost anything or change my artificial light color a tad."

What a farce. On the world stage it really is becoming the United States of Embarrassment.

Somebody in a comment mentioned that incandescent bulbs are now 28 to 33 more efficient. That's not an argument for anything positive. if a 12W CFL = 60W incandescent that right there is 80% efficiency. So the only thing the 28 - 33 proves is that incandescent bulbs are still inefficient even in their most improved state.

Rant over.
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I've used the same name for about 15 years. It started because there was time in my life when I used to do far too much of the drug ecstasy (haven't touched it, nor do I have any desire to, for well over a decade). Ecstasy -> XTC -> XsTatiC. I've stuck with that name mostly because I like the way it looks.
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