Office Workers Stop Bike Theft

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Neatoramanaut Naimul brings us video of an event that happened at his workplace, WCG in San Francisco. A thief brazenly cuts through a bike chain and takes off on the bicycle, right in front of the office windows. The first one out the door is a designer named Kristen.

People have complained that we didn't beat him up, but the truth is, it was pretty scary—the guy was kinda big, and when we called office security on him, he pulled a knife on the security guy (the dude in the shorts with the badge that walks down at the end of the video). We obviously didn't know the guy had a knife, but living in SF you hear stories about deadly bike thieves.

I think stopping the theft was enough bravery for the day. -Thanks, Naimul!

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In San Francisco my cars got 3x windows broken (first time I lost my laptop) and one car stolen. Also somebody stolen my bike. This with in 4 years that I lived there.

IN BRAZIL where I've been living for 10 years, it never happens. To me at least.
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1. Do not park your bike at the end of the row.

2. When you stop a crime, do not just *let* the criminal escape, make sure he has a way to escape.

3. Post photos and YouTube videos of thief.

Don't take my word for these. Refer to "The Art of War" and "The Prince" for detailed explanations.

Good work all the way around.
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