This Guy Wants To Bring The Science Of Sexy Back

This one's for all you science studs, because we all know that the sexiest organ in the human body is the brain.

And, while keeping your eyes glued to a textbook doesn't help your body get into shape, it will work wonders for your self esteem, and someday your pocketbook, if you're lucky!

So, put on your space themed tie and some blue jeans and show the world how sexy science can be.


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Social cognitive psychologists Mark R. Leary, June Price Tagney, Jeanet Twenge, etc... would argue that the pursuit of self-esteem leads to cognitive bias in all domains of contingent self-worth. Including Academia. In-fact, according to Virgil Zeigler-Hill's Projection of the contingencies of self-worth into interpersonal circumplex space (2005)self-esteem grounded in academic competence makes people more extraverted and self-assured, but not necessarily more correct. Maintenance of self-esteem depends on the contingent regard of significant others, likely one's peers. Unpopular viewpoints are also unpopular to hold, if one's self-esteem is contingent on academic competence and the academic community are themselves incompetent maintenance of self-esteem would require deluding oneself. The science of self-esteem is interesting and I think other scientists fail to take adequate account of its distorting effects on cognition. Perhaps this is why even science with all its controls still produces long-standing but completely wrong theories with predictable regularity. In any case the pursuit self-esteem is the source of much error and should probably not be so closely attached to science. If you don't believe me, look up the 'science' I mentioned. (e.g. The Handbook of Self and Identity by Mark R. Leary and June Price Tangney)
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I'm sure Beecher and Rosenthal wouldn't approve of sexing up science. Seeing that cognitive bias is the leading cause of bad science and sex is the leading cause of cognitive bias.
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