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The container is like a large stable stall. They get food, water and usually a trainer is in the container with them. They are in the door position so they are the first off and last on the plane and are transported immediately to a holding area with HVAC to keep them comfortable until they are loaded into a trailer or onto their second flight. The upper deck of the planes are also climate controlled just like a passenger plane.

I worked at Fedex years ago. I've loaded and unloaded a number of horses, expensive cars...and a couple pandas.
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There are a few articles floating around online outlining the difference in digicam...namely the Army's pattern, USMC's two patterns and how each came to be.

Bottom line, USMC had enlisted input beyond desk jockeys, infantry even, and ended up with two patterns that work well. The Army relied on Os and bureaucrats and got something that only works on flowered furniture. And is expensive...and doesn't look particularly squared away on any soldier for some reason...
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WREG is my local CBS affiliate. I'm surprised he is in Knoxville instead of Memphis. We're got 13 year old mothers of two here...not kidding.

Idiocracy is being played out in real life here and the local political machine is focusing on the evil suburban residents instead..
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I wonder how much of this has to do with a new generation of parents and lack of attention to things that were common skills a child should have before entering Kindergarten. Some of these kids are barely out of diapers and off a pacifier before they start school and some have no idea how to behave in what is their very first real social situation. Nevermind the usual things like counting to ten or twenty, knowing the alphabet and being able to write your full name and birthday. Kids should be kids, but parents need to be parents as well. It's not all fun and games all the time. Sometimes you have to sit still, be quiet and learn and the best place to start that is at home before Kindergarten.
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Amen Colt.

Dion, I find it so cool you already know that this one family will be the destroyer of future generations. Practice what you preach. Please, for all of us, get sterilized. Anyone who speaks ill of this family for "overpopulation" who doesn't immediately sterilize themselves is a complete hypocrite.

Remember, suggesting that a family with the socioeconomic background like the Duggars should stop at one or two kids is "thinking of overcrowding and the future generations."

Suggesting that a single mother with an opposite socioeconomic background who started having kids at 13, with 8 or 9 or ten kids supported by the government dole(by the taxpayers folks) stop having kids after one or two is...racist....classist...a supporter of eugenics... cwhutididthur?! zomg!
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We can't all live in Soviet-style flats in large government-planned blocks with our one child per family.

They raise their children how they see fit and without public assistance. They pay cash for nearly everything. They shop secondhand stores or make what they need themselves. Their kids seem to be intelligent and well adjusted despite being more sheltered than most of us. I'm not entirely sure where the animosity comes from, save the fact they've had 20 kids. They are giving birth to the future funders of those handout programs both political parties are so fond gateful they have picked up the slack.
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Wow, reading too much into this...much?

Getting offended because others might maybe sometimes possibly be offended seems like a waste of time.

This is the sort of thing I file alongside pansy kids raised by helicopter parents and groups that "raise awareness" but don't actually do anything to change their situation but protest or complain.
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They sell this at a race track in Little Rock too. It's delicious.

Sonic Drive-in sold it for a while, along with a Fritos chili Pie wrap.
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There's a woman in my area who has had a string of SUVs that look like this, even between the two front seats. She can only see out of the windshield and two side windows up front. Literally full to the brim with trash and junk off the side of the street. When they die, she gets a new one and begins the hoarding again. They dead ones get packed full and sit in the back yard. I'm sure the inside of her home is the same way.
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There's more to it than staying in the gas and having the snorkel, as listed above. Also, you've got to make sure you don't have any gasket can draw water in through those as well.

Think this one was a diesel...and every Top Gear fan knows what it takes to (try) and kill a diesel Toyota. :)
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The same folks who vilify school lunches tend to be the ones who can afford to send their kids to class with a sack full of Whole Foods grub. It's not perfect, but it's also not much different that stuff that the local grocery...even Whole Foods...sells.
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My family did this out of need two generations ago. The only difference is they didn't use sugar and they salted it in a barrel for several weeks and cold smoked it for several days.
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Because it's the University of Tennessee. It doesn't have to make sense, so long as it puts more money in the admin's pockets.

I'd be all for charging art and philosophy majors more and engineering and med majors less. Discourage the accumulation of debt for an education that doesn't qualify you to do much more than a high school diploma. Maybe it'd work just as well if they opened and closed majors like military rank structure. You can only pick up rank, after a certain point, when your occupational specialty is "open" and there's space available.

I think I'm just annoyed by folks who are complaining about their $80k in debt they accrued while earning that fancy whitebread liberal arts degree that was hip and socially acceptable to them at the time.

It sort of makes sense that they'd penalize folks who are attempting to get a degree that might lead to gainful employment...on a current events social level at least. hahlollerlulz.
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COGIC convention used to do stuff to servers like this here. They weren't rich...they just didn't feel obligated to tip. When the convention moved to St. Louis, all the waitstaff I know was overjoyed. They used to just take the whole week off if they were able because it wasn't even worth showing up to work. Sixty and seventy dollar tabs, maybe a buck or two tip...if it wasn't a prayer tract that looked like a folded ten dollar bill under the ticket...

You don't have to be rich to be a jerk, that's for sure.
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Yep. Know the guy who makes them. You can buy them directly from him. It was sort of a goofy pet project that grew out of him and several Army buddies just sitting around discussing what to do with left over rifle parts...
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"There’s no shame in honest labor at sixteen or sixty. And a lot of kids really do have to be taught about showing up to work on time, following instructions and being polite to customers."

This. This is it. I see it in my younger siblings who are a generation my junior and in high school. They want a job because having a job equals money. But, they don't seem to grasp the concepts of showing up when scheduled, staying for an entire shift or really doing much of anything while at work. Most of their friends are this way too. I'm guessing it's part of the "everyone wins, mommy will fix it all" upbringing. It's ok to skip out and lose a job when mommy will cover that lost pay and keep a roof over my head, etc...

It's a bunch of high school kids working their first job at Wal-Mart. They'll learn how to show up on time, how to punch a bad a retail job with crap pay can suck... If anything, maybe this will show them the type of job they don't want to get stuck doing for the rest of their lives or after college when they have a no-skill degree that leaves them no more employable than an high school student but with a mound of student loan debt. I see programs like this as a teaching tool about managing in an adult world and a harsh dose of reality if you choose to slack off and not apply yourself.
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Makes me wonder what the house smelled like inside. Bat turds have an ammonia scent that's so strong it burns your nose.
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YEP! Seems like that's be the second step to know, move the accelerant away from the fire itself...
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The reality is, the recent uptick of hipster "eating on $25 a week" articles is a farce. This is actually more realistic. I grew up this way, but we never really had any extra money, even at tax time. That was used to pay medical bills and buy new clothes for the entire year.

I'm not poor anymore, more upper-middle class in my geographical area. But, some of this stuff never goes away. I still know where every penny of my money goes. I still like store brand mac and cheese with the powder. I never was one to blow all my money once I started making enough to put some back and I still shop for deals by until cost instead of the sticker price.

Growing up like that can make you or break you. It made me into a person who never wants to live like that again and I do what I can to insure my financial security because of it.
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I worked at the Memphis hub. This story is told in every employee orientation class apparently. Everyone knows it. (not having read the story at the link yet) They also told us there were bloody footprints on the ceiling of the jumpseat area. The pilots barrel-rolled the plane, or came close to it, somewhere over Hernando, MS, to try to stop the attacks by Calloway. It shredded the wing flaps. This plane should not have survived this, but it did. We were told the plane is still in the fleet but we were never told which one it was. I've probably been inside it a hundred times and never even knew it.
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There are videos of this being fired on Youtube. It rocked some of the bigger guys back on their heels. Pretty nifty bit of engineering and manufacturing.

Pile of Pooh, it's inevitable. I just shrug it off and go shooting. I celebrate all my Constitutionally granted rights, lol.
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Kneejerk of ignorance much? I know, I know, you see a gun and can't hold back. It's ok. I know sometimes blind ignorance gets in the way of reading and comprehension.

Children don't ride in these. Many of the competitors who use these don't have kids, or don't have kids small enough to ride in a stroller anymore.

The reason for the jogging stroller? They can be found for around $25 all day long on Craigslist AND the cheap ATV gunmounts fit on the tube steel frame. They handle crappy terrain and mud well. And, they fold up. Compare that to around $100 for a garden cart or ATV Radio Flyer wagon to haul all your rifles, hundreds of rounds of ammo and other gear and you'll see why these old jogging strollers are the pack mule of shooting competitions.
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I think we have the market cornered on these lots in Memphis. We have literally HUNDREDS of them, toting the note on cars and repoing them at an astounding rate.

You can also rent-to-own large wheels and tires for your TTN car as well...
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Alex has it pretty much. A secured loan can have a deficiency amount owed to the bank, it becomes an unsecured debt after foreclosure and can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. On the recourse/non-recourse loans, sometimes those are cross-collateralized to other property. If you have a vacation home with a loan, the bank might also attach some of that debt to your primary residence in case of default. I've seen that with second homes before, and I've also seen it on multiple secured debts with the same bank. Think car, motorcycle,boat, etc. (I used to do bankruptcy, it sucked.)
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