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Perhaps because more sad people in these areas kill themselves. Therefore, people who do not kill themselves constitute an apparently disproportionate amount of "happy people" in Scandinavian countries compared with societies where sad people do not kill themselves.
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I would put my money on this having more to do with socio-economic status than genetics.

Also, isn't this topic essentially the antithesis of Godwin's Law? Discuss.
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Lighten up everyone. No animal died, no animal was hurt. It was interesting to see how the cat reacted to a low gravity environment. Its momentary stress was nothing like the suffering endured by millions of animals due to the refusal of people to spay and neuter their pets. Mad about this video? Go donate to or volunteer at a shelter and stop whining on the internet tubes.
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A blog about Jeffery, the face cancer, and our exciting adventures together while we try to eradicate one another. I am ahead so far.

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!NEWSFLASH!:If you have an autistic kid, or any unruly rug rat for that matter, get them hopped up on Benadryl before the flight. They'll be sleepy and compliant before you know it.

In this instance it's not the kids fault; it's the Mom's fault. She needs to learn how in the hell to take care of kids with special needs. This sounds like a weepy, bitter Mom who wants to play the victim. Woman up and take care of your kid! You're a discredit to your gender and Moms everywhere!
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Dear Neatorama,

Ditto for the reload time- far too long. Also, I don't like the chunk of text adds before (above) the comments. You already use the right 50% of the screen for your adds, why make me scroll through more just to read comments? You should try center justifying the page too, all the cool sites like fark.com do it.

Overall, awesome content, keep up the great work!
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Punching is a bit excessive, but urinal etiquette is serious business. Homophobia isn't the issue here folks, rather splash back and safety are my main concerns when tappin' the old kidney. A poorly designed urinal will spray fetid urine in all directions and that briny spray is no ocean mist, so stand the hell away! As for safety, when little wugou is cradled gently in my palm I don't want to worry that some stabby idiot is standing too close. Instead of punching, I usually just dribble a bit on their shoes and say, "Man, that water is cold and deep!" I love that joke ;)

Ironically, this guy may get sent to the clink for this rowdy business and urinal etiquette will be the least of his worries!
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