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If you are talking about peeing on the side of the road in the countryside, where isn't this common practice? If it's not then at least here in the Nordic countries. Our buss stopped on school holiday at the side of the road, guess why?

The nose emptying is also something I've seen people do, personally I only use it if I don't have a paper with me.
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Was hoping and guessing that this was to attract attention to the situation in AFRICA, where this REALLY IS HAPPENING.

Also if you can't spot the fake and send angry letters...
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"I’m not sure where the “haloing” around the legs is. Looks fine on my screen."
"I’m in a business where I have to scrutinize photo-shopped images"

So you must be a professional? If yes then I feel sad for the people who hired you.

It's called image artifacts, often seen when images are edited.
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"5. Copywrite law? (I’m betting no word for this concept)"
Haven't heard of any copywrite laws elsewhere either.
I think the copywriters are governed by ethics and freedom of speech when they are writing their ads.

Wouldn't it therefor be a little overkill to have a symbol for it?
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