Hand Stand at the Four Corners, USA

Neatorama reader Marcy Light sent in this photo of her son doing a handstand at Four Corners, USA, the point where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado meet.

Link [Flickr] - Thanks Marcy!

So, if you do something bad at that location, you're breaking the law in four states, right?

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Bunk,it is the TackyRaccoons photo that was doctored or re-doctored, which ever may be the case.this photo here is the more original of the 2 . it is easy to see where tackyracoons has removed the "FLAG POLES" not "light poles" as you say so ignorantly .im guesing that someone on tackyracoons removed the flag poles for clarity of the child.it may be "All in fun."but
you should get outside and visit the real world instead of spending all day inside on the idiotnet.
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very funny Alex,im sure you know that the monk doing the one-finger handstand is a fake.they never show him geting into that position because his shoes are mounted to the wall suporting most of his weight.you will also notice that the camera purposley avoids the tips of the monks shoes.still this 4 corners photo may or may not be photshoped.regardless we all know if it is real that he was only on his 1 finger momentaraly and without any real weight on it.ive seen lots of haloed images over the internet.even ones ive sent myself.i belive it has to do with low resolution pics.i have to agree with Toby, because all the colors look especialy "right" ..ive been to 4 corners and they dont care what you do there. every one is doing somthing crazy and taking pictures of it.im sure they have seen everything!
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The photo was doctored. There are no lightpole bases shown on the original which was flipped 180 degrees for the Neatorama post. The original photo may be found on TackyRaccoons. (And yes, I'm a webslut for traffic.) All in fun.
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