Peeing While Walking

We all know this: when you got to go, you got to go. But usually, by the age of four most of us managed to control the urge. But not this guy:

Bad: Urinating on the sidewalk
Really bad: In front of his girlfriend (in a parked car)
Neatorama-worthy: He peed while WALKING AROUND!

And of course, it was caught on camera. Out of politeness, I'm going to let Nothing to do with Arbroath show you the clip: Link [embedded LiveLeak, no body parts were shown, but still out of grossness, maybe slightly NSFW]

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haha i have done this many times walking home from the bar. Ill walk behind my friends and pee to the side. just gotta make sure to turn an walk sideways on those last few squirts haha
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If you are talking about peeing on the side of the road in the countryside, where isn't this common practice? If it's not then at least here in the Nordic countries. Our buss stopped on school holiday at the side of the road, guess why?

The nose emptying is also something I've seen people do, personally I only use it if I don't have a paper with me.
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peeing in public is a matter of culture. In the States (well, in MA at least) it's forbidden, as I believe it could create indecent exposure ; and more generally speaking it's not something that people do.

In France, the culture is when you need to pee, well, you just find a spot and releave yourself. That's why more often than not you notice people peeing on the side of the road. (I always honk twice, being a sign of recognition among drivers ;)
It's not a matter of being poor or not.


The guys on bike race can pee while cycling too. Watch the Tour de France next summer.


Another "third world country habit/trick" is to blow your nose by applying pressure on the opposite nostril and sending whatever is bothering you directly on the ground. neat! except when you try to do it yourself...
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