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Now, if people were smart, these would be the figures they'd collect and store away for 40 years in their original packaging.

Instead, everyone swarmed Toys R Us to buy the Episode 1 figures, which won't be worth squat since everyone and his brother bought two and sealed them away.
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I believe Droplet meant that a disease comes around and kills all the shrubs, not the trees.

Oh, and please don't feed gambit the troll.
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Pretty awesome, though the first day he forgets, he's going to commit the biggest facepalm of his life.

(By the way, you do something "every day," not "everyday." "Everyday" means "ordinary.")
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Here's an extra bit of flub trivia for you, which I spotted on one of my many viewings of the movie on TBS, where it seems to run on a loop:

In the scene just before Julia Roberts makes her entrance, in which Brad Pitt is eating shrimp, watch the dish he's holding. When the edit cuts from a wide shot to a closer shot, it changes from a cocktail glass to a plate (or vice versa, I can't remember).
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Agreed with Ted. Why interrupt the video to explain what could easily be understood by just showing the video? Stop going to black and just let me watch the damned action unfold!

Plus, I suspect the footage itself was shot by a squirrel, as jittery as it was.
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