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Nothing goes together like guns, skulls and Jesus.

And as for the legality, here is the relevant law. The operative word, however, is "fraudulently." If there's no intent for fraud, it's perfectly legal to deface currency. That's why those coin-pressing machines found at theme parks can exist.
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Wow. I can't believe what people pay for these things. I could replicate most of them for about 300 bucks.

That's it ... I'm going into business.
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"Someone once told me I shouldn’t use the word 'sucks', because it originates from soliders in WW2 forcing Japanese POWs to blow them."

I'd just like to suggest to whomever told you that to research the word's etymology a little deeper than sixth-grade hearsay.
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Polx: FYI, copyright and trademark are two vastly different things.

Anyway, this would not be an attempt to control the word "pod" in all uses, but as used in association with a certain type of product or trade. That's how trademark works.

Like Mike Stone said, "And if you don’t think these companies are trying to catch a free ride on Apple’s coat tails, ask yourself how they came up with a name that contains ‘pod’ in the first place."

All the companies/products mentioned are using the "pod" prefix/suffix in association with Apple- or multimedia-related ventures, which is a definite violation of Apple's trademark. The band P.O.D., the storage containers called PODS and the maternity store Pea in a Pod are not, which is why Apple isn't going after them.
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