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"not to be a comment troll, but I think you need to spell hilton right in order to stay/dine there"

You should also spell San Francisco right.
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I have to apologize to linty. I followed the link to the dirtbike photo and took a better look. That particular shot is indeed manipulated. A similar effect, however, can be achieved with a zoom lens, as I mentioned. TO get it off-center, just crop.

I also took a look at some of the others, like the dog and the spinning kid. If you view the larger sizes, you'll note that the subjects aren't totally clear. The front of the dog's head is blurred, too.
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I doubt the dog photo is photoshopped. It was likely taken in a car, with the dog characteristically sticking his head out the window. The blurring of the background is of course caused by the motion of the car; the blurring of the back of the dog's head is caused by his hair wildly moving in the wind. I'd guess an exposure of about 1/10 sec. or so would be enough to provide said motion blur without the dog moving his head enough to readily show blurring.

The dirtbike photo, which is "almost definitely" photoshopped, almost certainly isn't, either. That effect can easily be replicated with a zoom lens. Quickly zoom in while taking the shot (manually, not with a slow P&S zoom). I've done the same thing many times.

And yes, it's possible to take a picture of a blurred background and a clear subject. Exposure times needn't be incredibly long to result in motion blur.

I've been a photographer for somewhere around 20 years and am really amazed at some of the simple things people call "photoshopped" on. Take some photography courses, read some photography books, study others' techniques, get some extensive hands-on experience, and repeat for many years. Or at least ask experienced photographers how an effect might be accomplished before concluding yourself that it was simply "photoshopped."
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Am I too late? I always miss the party ...

The Roadside Resort: Road trips, roadside attractions, nostalgia, urban exploration, Googie, tiki, photography and anything else I find interesting.

I also write stories about strangeness like the stuff in my books Weird Texas and Weird Arizona.

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You call BS? Good work, numbnuts, realizing it isn't real.

It's a parody. It's a joke. It's humor. It's making fun of Michael Bay and his over-the-top movies. It's not a hoax and doesn't need BS called on it.

Sigh ...
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True that this person may choose to call himself a man or a woman. That's not in question.

The hype centers on the person's gender as it relates to the pregnancy, as though this were a biological miracle.

Biologically, however, this is a female. As such, there is nothing amazing about the pregnancy. No more so than my getting breast implants, shaving my beard, calling myself a woman and ending up in the papers for producing sperm.

Live and let live, but let's stop purporting this to be the impossible made possible.
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More funny than the script are a) the people who don't recognize it for the parody that it is and b) the people who need to point out how it's obviously not real.

C) would be people like me who feel a need to point out that the world is no longer smart enough for satire.
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If you want to hear the laugh, watch the video at the link.

And there wasn't necessarily more to the story. Ever had a boss who was just a douchebag? It's not such a stretch.
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Beat me to it, TomWWW. Becoming a more simple organism is not evolving "in reverse."

Besides, the process in question here is not evolution in any case. It's a metamorphic change within one generation. It would be like referring to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly as evolution. It's just another stage of its life-cycle.
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