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also hexagons "tessellate". the sum of all the angles in the shape add up to 360 degrees, so you can put them side by side and they can be repeated infinitly like triangles and squares. cool

i like that "6th planet furthest from our sun" pretty sneaky universe.
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when i finally decide that they are on to me and i need to get rid of of my files thats the way i am going to do it. none of this hard drives in microwaves malarky
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there has always ALWAYS been a divide between generations
OLD/young. Ifeel that john stewart is my generations walter croncite not necesarily because hes a great journalist, but because with all the mess i can feel the world is in. Stewart informs me and in a genuine manner

now i would love to see that same poll but add glen becks name on the list or freakin hannity while your at it.
now that would be an interesting map

john stewart and colbert are hip, smart, and giving me news like everyone now a days is getting it.

short sweet and to the piont

i think certain" journalists" or "anchors" dont have a point or cant see one behind the spectacle
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