China’s 60th Anniversary Parade

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The People’s Republic of China was founded on October 1st, 1949. To celebrate the 60th anniversary, a three-hour parade was held in Beijing. This video by Dan Chung shows the highlights in both time-lapse and slow motion. -via reddit

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just let it be
all of us on this planet have the right to choose what we believe in, what kind of way we act.
if you hold up mind-freedom, just let it be, only if they have not violate your interest.
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The riot in 1989 in Tiananmen square was fanacial supported by CIA, at least one leader named Wangdan has returned to China and recognized the truth. The incident in 1989 was very simlar to what happened in Ukraine and Georgia. With the fanacial support of US, some young people wanted to overthrow the government. In truth, some report pointed out that faction occured between refugees escaped from China in 1989 for the fundings supplied by US government.

The incident was due to the stupid Americans, now most youth in China don't turst US, different from 20 years ago.
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China had a hard time struggling to be where she is now. China would have been worst if she had not taken the steps however undesirable as they were. China would have been divided by the so called Western Powers as evidently seen in history during the late Ching Dynasty. Remember how the West treated the Chinese people, one example would be this post in many Western restaurants and clubs in Shanghai - "CHINESE AND DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE". So where is the so- called human rights and democracy that you guys are referring to.

The Chinese people has evolved from 5,000 years of civilization. They have a very strong moral fiber as brought about by the confucian philosophy. They are a peace loving people who will not ever start or even provoke a war or dispute. Read all about your history and you will find out that it is always the other nations who started the problems in China. Even in recent trade wars between the US and China or that of EU and China, you will notice that the reasons behind them are always political in nature - which is to stop China from developing further into what she is now and will be in the future.

Read your histories and be fair. For there is no right or wrong, it was all based on the situation present during that time, thus it could be right then before but wrong from today's point of view.

It is evident that RACIAL DISCRIMINATION is very much alive in the US, so try correcting it before you fire your disgust on China or other countries.
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I'm not all about communism, but this was a cool video. For another video on China's 60th Anniversary Celebration check out this link:
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