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China’s 60th Anniversary Parade

(vimeo link)

The People’s Republic of China was founded on October 1st, 1949. To celebrate the 60th anniversary, a three-hour parade was held in Beijing. This video by Dan Chung shows the highlights in both time-lapse and slow motion. -via reddit

Oh, how lovely...seems like all over America, (the Land of the Free) we're honoring the founding of a repressive communist regime that's done such nice, helpful stuff like force women to have abortions when they violate the one-child policy, censor the media, execute protesters, etc. Hello?! Tianamen Square? Remember that?

Enjoy your celebration, comrades!
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The parade itself is neat, you can't argue that. It's awesome to watch the choreo and detail.
The opression of the people of China is a terrible thing though and shouldn't be forgotten. Neatorama should have commented on that I think and not just post a video of the parade without a remark.
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Well like it or not America is at the mercy of China, especially financial wise. That is why for all the rhetoric, the powers to be wouldn't dare alienate China too much. Likewise, China wouldn't survive without the world market for their goods, especially the U.S. which is one of the biggest consumers of their goods. It's no surprise that when the financial climate hit the fan in the U.S., it negatively affected China too.

No world is an island in this global economy of ours.
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I didn't post this video to honor the PRC's anniversary. I thought it was an interesting video.

I didn't express my opinion on China because a. this is not my blog, b. it's not an opinion blog, and 3. if I did, I would be writing all night long.
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Ok, get ready for a whole bunch of "I hate China even though I've never actually been there" comments.... Great video by Dan Chung, thanks for posting it Miss Cellania!
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i agree that most of the bad comments about china in this post are rather shallow.
but as a chinese who grew up in there, i can tell how uncool the parade is. with all that brain-washed zombies doing what they were told acting like they love their own country. it really makes me want to puke. as a citizen the last thing i want to concern is how amazing the military equipments are, how tasteless that red scarf is, and obviously how tacky those godly looking portraits of all those old farts are. . this video is a beautification of what is truly ugly.

damn it patriotism gives me goose bumps.
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Any way I look at it- I think it is fitting in the Millennia-long Chines cultural tradition. This time-lapse captures that in a very stylistical way.

And if you think this Chinese expression of patriotism is so special- Perhaps take a look at all the patriotistic expressions in endless parades and flagwaving and singings of the National Anthem and the flowing of tears in the United States of America that most of us Europeans at least make stutter in wonder and amazement.

so don't say that China does wrong with this expression if in other parts of the world it isn't much better- There is no Shangri-La on this planet of ours. Everywhere you go, ou will find things that are not entitely good in it's present and in it's past.

China nowadays has become to what it is, for a large part because Western Capitalism has forced it to do so. And that is not from only the last 20 or so years- the entire development of modern China for the last say 140 years, is at Least partly a reaction on how the West and the rest of the world reacted to China. Good or bad- he West is just as guilty if ever you would choose to speak about guilt.
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popeye - from the European perspective, what we see in that clip doesn't look all that different from what we see from America. You may perceive all sorts of differences, but from outside they look remarkably similar.

What a lot of us see from both sides is a lot of willy-waving.
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Where was the Walmart float with all the cheap crap dumb 'Muricans buy thinking Wallyworld is somehow an American value (fact, it's not).
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foreigner1: dont know if you are referring to my post, but i never state that i do not get disgusted by the over-the-top patriotism over in the US, as well as any other country in the world. sure there is no utopia but i do believe that there are a lot of places in the world that are doing much better than china.

capitalism is not the ultimate way to go but it is at least more realistic than communism. it is just more in line with the evil nature of human being. i just happen to be a chinese who has been witnessing the ugliness of my own race with utter honesty. what i see in the parade is makeup for corruption, lies, greed and stupidity.

at least it doesn't have the 'god' motif like we see in the forth of july, oh wait, i think mao is still being looked at as some religious figures somewhere there.

skipweasel: you could almost say that i am standing in your perspective as well, mind you i am no american and i can talk about how annoyed i got by those over-reacting patriots al day.
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I watched this with my Chinese roommate in our dorm. She seemed to be a really big fan of China's second chairman, because he "opened up China to the world." Either way, it was an exciting day for her country.
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I'm with Miss C on this one. At first I just wanted to rail on China. But the article itself is only about the event and the beauty of it. I'll stop here as i have a full day today and would not stop typing until tomorrow otherwise.
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Popeye- I guess with the Chinese it is the same as with all other peoples- You are against this kind of imagery becaue of what you feel has gone wrong in your country. Yet I speak with other fellow-countrymen of yours that are all proud and happy about this show of National Identity and Pride- They say it is a show of the upcoming pride, might and modernisation of China- of a country that once was the centre of the world and that once will be that centre again, whatever has happened in it's near and father past.Those Chinese that I speak would even consider you to be a traitor to the Chinese Dream.
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I'm not against the imagery, but against pooping on human rights.

Also yeah that sorta is something that the US of A likes to do too, so it makes sense Americans might not like to be too critical here. Haha!
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"Hello?! Tianamen Square? Remember that?"

Err hello...George Bush, Guantanamo Bay, Iraq War...REMEMBER THAT?

self-righteous american fool
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I'm not all about communism, but this was a cool video. For another video on China's 60th Anniversary Celebration check out this link:
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China had a hard time struggling to be where she is now. China would have been worst if she had not taken the steps however undesirable as they were. China would have been divided by the so called Western Powers as evidently seen in history during the late Ching Dynasty. Remember how the West treated the Chinese people, one example would be this post in many Western restaurants and clubs in Shanghai - "CHINESE AND DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE". So where is the so- called human rights and democracy that you guys are referring to.

The Chinese people has evolved from 5,000 years of civilization. They have a very strong moral fiber as brought about by the confucian philosophy. They are a peace loving people who will not ever start or even provoke a war or dispute. Read all about your history and you will find out that it is always the other nations who started the problems in China. Even in recent trade wars between the US and China or that of EU and China, you will notice that the reasons behind them are always political in nature - which is to stop China from developing further into what she is now and will be in the future.

Read your histories and be fair. For there is no right or wrong, it was all based on the situation present during that time, thus it could be right then before but wrong from today's point of view.

It is evident that RACIAL DISCRIMINATION is very much alive in the US, so try correcting it before you fire your disgust on China or other countries.
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The riot in 1989 in Tiananmen square was fanacial supported by CIA, at least one leader named Wangdan has returned to China and recognized the truth. The incident in 1989 was very simlar to what happened in Ukraine and Georgia. With the fanacial support of US, some young people wanted to overthrow the government. In truth, some report pointed out that faction occured between refugees escaped from China in 1989 for the fundings supplied by US government.

The incident was due to the stupid Americans, now most youth in China don't turst US, different from 20 years ago.
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just let it be
all of us on this planet have the right to choose what we believe in, what kind of way we act.
if you hold up mind-freedom, just let it be, only if they have not violate your interest.
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