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Excited? No, that isn't the word I'd use. Mad Max was yet another franchise that was heading for the toilet by the second installment and totally round the U bend and on it's way to the ocean by the third.
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I prefer this way of doing things to the alternatives.

One would be to prevent anybody who didn't have a local olympic committee from taking part. The other would be to have them run under a flag of convenience for any country that would have them.

The former is totally unfair. The latter may deprive somebody else of a place.
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It was exhibited down the road from us, but only during school hours. How dumb was that exactly?

Before anybody suggests they invited the local schools down, they didn't.
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The ridiculous thing is that while they say spectators won't be allowed to display logos of anything other than games sponsors I'll bet they won't stop pro photographers from using cameras other than Panasonic "The official camera of the Olympic Games".

Be reasonable, the majority of professional sports photographere use Nikon. Are they going to make those guys blank out all their Nikon logos or force them to use Panasonic?
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I've replicated the shot without photoshop or any other tricjery. The significant point when trying this is to note where the model's fingers are relative to the back of her neck.
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I like the live pigeon shooting. They could hold that in Trafalgar Square this year. Most pigeons shot in 60 seconds. With bonus points if you get any of the idiot tourists who feed them.
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