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Someone needs to dub this with a soundtrack describing the elephant's thought process. Something along the lines of "Oh, finally, what a nightmare it was to find the way here, Gladys sure should have given better directions. Yay, the bar, I'll sip up a bit and then find Gladys to congratulate her... Oh wait, this isn't Gladys' birthday party, I don't even know these people. Where am I? Ummm... I'll just act casual and stroll away, nobody will notice."
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...and then you could take a picture of someone eating a picture of someone eating a picture, then make that into an edible picture...
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Clicking through the link, you can hear them explain how this is "more discreet than a toothbrush". Umm... do people brush their teeth in middle of the street in Britain? How is a normal toothbrush not discreet?
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Why is it "Salsa clase"? Why not "Salsa class(es)"? I realise "clase" is Spanish, but the rest of the sign is in English. And even if it were Spanish, wouldn't it be "Clase(s) de Salsa"? And what does it say in smaller font right after "clase"?

...oh there is some graffiti there as well?
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Rarely is the advertised product in a promo picture so obviously exactly how it looks like in real life, and consequently, so unappealing as here. It seems they didn't even try to make it look edible. Okay, guess they relied on other parts of the picture drawing most of the attention.
Also, Detroit Mac, have you never had the 4 AM drunken pizza/hamburger/kebab? That's the only right way to end a night out.
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Something funky going on with Robert Downey Jr's right foot. And no, I did not notice that by staring at Justin Bieber's behind, thankyouverymuch. I was admiring Mr Downey himself.
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Oh but there's a mistake there (*OCD twitch*)! See the bomb that is exposed. One of the 2's next to it isn't next to any other bomb (the box that is just being scratched seems to have a 1 in it). *twitch* Oh, and there is also a 3 that cannot be connected to three bombs. *twitch*
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While this is undeniably cool, there's no denying that, I'd like to see a non-time-lapse segment to see what he is actually doing simultaneously. As in, are both hands truly working all the time, or is he alternating his focus from one side to another, or perhaps focusing on detail with one hand while filling up some shadow with the other. On the other hand (no pun intended), as a pianist, I sort of understand how this can be done. Not that I'd ever be able to do it.
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I'm trying to imagine how the researchers determined the level of swagger in mice.
Also, wouldn't this just be a demonstration that the staple lab mouse diet is unhealthy for the mice?
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...because teens will never experiment with anything if their teacher doesn't mention it? And denying that any sexual urges or desires exist in teens is the perfect way to avoid teen pregnancies or STD's? Yeah, right...
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