What is "Gateway Sexual Activity"?

A vague bill now working its way through the Tennessee legislature could lead to unintended consequences. It may soon be illegal for teachers to mention kissing, hand-holding, and other "gateway sexual activities". From the bill summary:
Instruction of the family life education curriculum may not:

(1) Promote any gateway sexual activity or health message that encourages students to experiment with non-coital sexual activity;

But the bill does not define exactly what gateway activity is. Holding hands? Kissing? Possibly. Teachers will have to be careful because they don't yet know how the law will be interpreted.
Discouraging heavy petting and more intense shenanigans is one thing. But critics of the bill say it's so vague that activities as innocent as "holding hands and kissing could be considered gateways to sex," says Jerica Phillips at WMC-TV. The bill also says parents can file a complaint, triggering an official investigation, if they believe a teacher has mentioned or demonstrated a "gateway sexual activity." So watch out, teachers, says Jeanne Sager at The Stir. Hand-holding isn't just verboten for teenagers ... for you, it's "a fire-able offense."

The consequences of the bill would depend on definition of "gateway sexual activities" and who does the defining. Link

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...because teens will never experiment with anything if their teacher doesn't mention it? And denying that any sexual urges or desires exist in teens is the perfect way to avoid teen pregnancies or STD's? Yeah, right...
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... because the War on Drugs is working so well... let's have a War on EVERYTHING!!

Hey Republicans... YOU DON"T KNOW BEST. GO back to the 13th Century if you want to live like this.
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Lol, handmaid's tale. Good luck trying to legislate a biological imperative. Like a fence that will keep rabbits seperate by gender - hormones will find a way.
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