Is Chewing This Piece Of Rubber The Same As Brushing Your Teeth?

This spiky piece of rubber that resembles a sea anemone is the Rolly, a product that claims to be just as effective as giving your teeth a good brushing when you're on the go.

Here's how it works:
Besides reaching into every nook and cranny of your mouth, and gently stimulating your gums while you chew it, the Rolly contains Xylitol and Fluoride which are claimed to fight plaque and strengthen tooth enamel. And using the small disc doesn't require toothpaste, a mirror, or even water to rinse your mouth out afterwards. When you're done, you just spit it into the garbage like a piece of gum.

It looks like a scary little squid creature to me, but if it works I guess I'd give it a go. Would you?

Link  --via Gizmodo

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Clicking through the link, you can hear them explain how this is "more discreet than a toothbrush". Umm... do people brush their teeth in middle of the street in Britain? How is a normal toothbrush not discreet?
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We would never get that thing here in "Merica". Some idiot mother would give it to her 3 year old who would then choke on it, ruining the whole thing for everyone.
This is why we can't have nice things.
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