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sparge basically covered the point I was going to make. You have a pretty blatant anti-American streak, though. We don't all fit one mold, asshat.
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"There seems to be a lot of problems with that theory,"
no, there really aren't. it's a very reasonable and probably theory.
you're citing the daily mail, which is a tabloid with no journalistic integrity.
seriously, this is crap.
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holy christ, christmas has devolved into a capitalist festival. even our modern image of santa was created by the coca cola corporation in the 1920s.

i'm an atheist; we don't care about getting rid of christmas. you guys do a pretty damn good job of secularizing it on your own anyway.
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joe arpaio is one of the most disturbingly fascistic people in america today; if you want to see why, look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Arpaio#Controversy_and_criticism

the man has understanding of the US constitution, just his mostly useless and frequently illegal punishments.

what happened to the idea that prison was for rehabilitation?
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the entire idea of abstract art (or at least a lot of it) is that it's heavily open to interpretation. if someone derives meaning from it, that doesn't mean they're wrong. obviously in this case there is no correct interpretation so let people take what they want from it.
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you're right hollywood, we're all just doing this to keep you down.
by the way, climate change hypotheses date back to *at least* the 1970s.
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batshit crazy is totally appropriate. the guy is a hardcore christian that believes this country should tear down separation of church and state, and has strong support among white supremacists, among other things. people treat him like an effing messiah but he's just a crazy theocrat.
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the simple fact is that he has a mechanical device that, as LS said, never fatigues or strains to the point of damage (under normal conditions anyway). this has nothing to do with 'imperfection' and everything to do with unfair advantage.
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man, just because it's made of gears doesn't mean it's steampunk. it has to actually have victorian elements. welding a bunch of crap together doesn't qualify.
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