If Presidential Candidates Were Cars, What Kind of Cars Would They Be?

Texas Governor Rick Perry recently endorsed Rudy Guliani for the 2008 US Presidential Election. The governor, however, likened his endorsement to buying a pickup truck - all the selections had at least one thing that he didn't like.

Craig Malisow of HoustonPress disagreed - he has better suggestions of what vehicle each presidential candidate is most like. For example:

Ron Paul: Batmobile. Batshit crazy. The best thing is, if Paul wins, his V.P. can be a Robin-like character. You know, a useless little man-child in tights.

See if you agree with 14 of candidate-car pairings! Link - Thanks Keith Plocek!

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not only is this post retarded, but most of the comments are too. i'm glad i'm not american if these really represent your opinions. if you took 10 minutes out to listen to that ron paul guy you should realise you've been extremely ignorant. if he doesn't win the 2008 elections - your country will carry on downhill with neo-con rule (democrats or republicans). welcome to the police state.
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I think the Ron Paul/Adam West era Batmobile comparison is dead on in that the only people that really care about either one are deluded internet nerds that live in their mom's basement.
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batshit crazy is totally appropriate. the guy is a hardcore christian that believes this country should tear down separation of church and state, and has strong support among white supremacists, among other things. people treat him like an effing messiah but he's just a crazy theocrat.
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@Tom: "Edwards? Like a John Deer Combine. Looks like it represents the working class, but most of the working class can’t afford it."

Oh, spot on, Tom! Although he did get a $9 hair cut last time to make up for the $400 one ...

@eyes and dave p: Lighten up! Ron Paul isn't batshit crazy but his supporters often are. The HoustonPress article made fun of *all* presidential candidates, not just Ron "Batmobile" Paul. ;)
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