Got DUI? Join the Chain Gang and Wear Pink Undies!

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, dubbed "America's toughest sheriff," has a plan to cut down on drunk drivers: force 'em to work in a chain gang and make 'em wear pink underwear!

"Maybe this will warn people - knock it off, don't drink and drive," Mr Arpaio said. "You'll end up in pink underwear on the chain gang."

Do you think Sheriff Joe is right? Or is it just cruel and unusual punishment?


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@fran so 120 degrees in a tent isn't abusive? why don't you try it then if its so great for ya. and don't sling around the term bleeding heart liberal. the word liberal is not an insult so stop treating it as one and if anyone wanted a political argument they wouldn't be on Neatorama
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I am so tired of the bleeding heart liberals waxing poetic on the poor downtrodden CRIMINALS. They're criminals and none of the above mentioned punishments are abusive in ANY way. Good grief. I think all prisons should be like Supermax. 23 hours a day of solitary.
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this guy is nothing more than a masochistic human rights offender. really, if he was pulling this form of "justice" in some small country everyone would be crying foul. and really, if his brand of "justice" is working so well, why is tents still full?
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ok.. wearing pink underwear and watching the disney channel is more unusual than it is cruel. in fact, i don't think it's cruel at all. especially because dudes wearing pink is not at all a rarity anymore, and seeing their underwear hanging out of their pants is something we see on an everyday basis, criminals and civilians alike.

@Thomas: i agree. if bars had breathalizers or offered a free breathalizer keychain with the third shot, people might take a little more responsibility. my friend got a DWI and wasn't even intoxicated. she had one beer and they didn't make her take the breathalizer. she's on probation and her license was suspended (not sure for how long, though). it's on her record. and she probably wears pink underwear willingly.

a local man is taking our penile system for granted by committing petty theft and turning himself in every time. he has been in and out of jail for years and i bet he doesn't plan on stopping these actions. i can think of no other reason he would do this than the homely environments provided by our prisons. i mean, free room and board, free meals, free clothes... i'm wondering how many criminals commit crimes just so they can go to jail. i'm sure that's why there are so many returning convicts too.
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