Did Mosquitoes Kill Off Dinosaurs?

We've all heard that dinosaurs were killed off by a giant asteroid 65 million years ago. There seems to be a lot of problems with that theory, so a group of scientists have come up with a new theory that seems to make more sense...

Was disease spread by mosquitoes, mites and ticks the major factor that finished off the reptiles?


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I agree. I don't see how dinosaurs could be killed off by mosquitos but there is so many animals still alive like crocodiles that haven't been affected?
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In the Cretaceous-Tertiary (K-T) boundary 65 million years ago, there was sudden and massive extinction. This didn't just affect dinosaurs: marine animal and plant life were both affected.

On the other hand, extinction is a process, and although asteroid played a big role, other factors like diseases, lack of food, or climate change might have been the ones that finished off the big guys.
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Actually the article points out that it took a long time to wipe out the dinosaurs. The fact that it took so long is the main problem of the asteroid theory. If you actually read the article you might have picked that up.

And reid the daily mail wasn't the only place the article was carried. And you're right the asteroid theory is reasonable, but it still has holes in it.

But since you were there you're probably a better judge to say what's crap than the scientists involved.
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"There seems to be a lot of problems with that theory,"
no, there really aren't. it's a very reasonable and probably theory.
you're citing the daily mail, which is a tabloid with no journalistic integrity.
seriously, this is crap.
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