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Dick's longer and rather clever titles never made it to the big-screen. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? became the rather boring(in my opinion) Bladerunner.
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also from sc...i actually had no idea what hoppin' john was until i heard about it on a tv show last year. that tradition hasn't stuck in sc, but lots of people do still eat black-eyed peas on new year's. i would have suggested frogmore stew for south carolina, myself.
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i agree that it was someone in the family. none of the tech-based explanations offered over on mental floss explain the physical stalking that had to be necessary(knowing alarm codes and that the neighbor was chopping up limes one day, etc) for the person to pull this off.
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as a person with an english degree, i'm ashamed to admit i didn't even realize this was a rule. maybe it's because by the time i started having to actually type things, we had a computer, and as the first commenter mentioned, most notepad-type programs default to a single space.
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the mother was wrong to send her child to school with a weapon, but the school is all kinds of wrong here, mostly because they think it's to be expected that this kid would be bullied because of his dress. to me, 'bullied' is slightly different from 'surrounded by 6 students that were threatening to beat him up.' i think if you're in fear for your safety, you should be able to retaliate without fear of reprisal. at the very least, the students involved should be expelled as well.
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i feel you on the boing-boing thing, ratz, though i didn't stop visiting the site because of the political soapboxing thing(though that was annoying). it was mostly because their mods don't respect differing opinions. the last straw was when one of their mods demanded that I desist from commenting(in my defense, this was after my 3rd comment, not like my 50th or something ludicrous) on a particular article because he/she felt that they and another poster had addressed my argument and i was just repeating myself. i haven't been back since. so yeah, boing boing blows these days. can't argue with you there. the difference for me between neatorama and boing boing is that to me, the people here seem a lot more respectful and are open to dissenting opinion. for example, over on boing boing bluesue would have been run through the gauntlet for even trying to suggest that in her experience, african-americans are poor tippers. it says a lot for this site and its readers that people can express what might be construed as an unpopular opinion without being crucified for it.
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this seems accurate, based on reports from numerous friends in the restaurant industry over the years. interestingly, what this article doesn't state(and what i've personally heard from both white and african-americans that wait tables) is that african-american waiters and waitresses themselves also avoid predominantly african-american tables because of the tipping stigma. but it's not just a race thing. waiters also don't like: elderly women, business professionals at lunch, foreigners, teenagers, college students....i mean, really, the list could go on and on. any time my husband and i go into a restaurant, we're immediately shuttled to the seats nearest the bathroom/kitchen because hostesses judge that we look like we're in our early 20's, thus won't spend much, and so aren't worth sitting in a decent location. the restaurant business to me, is all about stereotypes. it's what happens when you pay people 3 dollars an hour and except them to live off of tips.
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reminds me of that jim gaffigan joke about two scientists studying seahorses:

scientist 1: that's a male seahorse.
scientist 2: uh, bob, looks like that one's having a baby.
scientist 1: uh...yeah! the males have the babies!
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I'm actually ok with us getting rid of the shuttle program. At this point, all it mostly does is take people/equipment to the international space station. I'm just not as interested in the human exploration of space than say, robotic probes(who can do more science in space cheaply and more safely than any human being), or the James Webb space telescope, for example. Sending people to space is costly and most times impractical, and a lot of the most interesting things going on at NASA right now involve science that that we don't need the shuttle for(discovery of earth-like planets, the nature of black holes, dark matter, etc). Why not let private companies take over getting payloads out of low-earth orbit and let NASA spend money on actual science? That isn't to say that the shuttle program wasn't important or that science funding in general isn't imperative, I just think the shuttle has served its purpose and it's time to move on to bigger and better things.
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despite the accutacies of these studies, i doubt it will change the minds of people(including myself) that feel that the owners of private establishments should be able to choose whether or not they want to go non-smoking.
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it's actually quite easy for a person to discern what is torture and what isn't torture. americans just need to ask themselves what they'd be willing to see happen to their own POW's.

it's pretty much a rehash of the golden rule, just in opposition. don't do unto others as you wouldn't have them do unto you.
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like i've been telling men for years, after watching olympic level softball, it is more than possible for a woman to play in the MLB--provided she is a pitcher in the american league. i can see why their batting might not be desirable for a team, but those gals can pitch--and trust me, if you can throw a ball underhanded at over 90 mph, you can throw it equally fast overhanded.
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yea, that kid pretty much proves how stupid and pointless it is to make kids(and only kids) say the pledge of allegiance. they don't understand what it means--it's just rote memorization and nothing more.

the video is cute, but i'm tired of being bashed over the head with the voting thing. my vote doesn't actually count, thanks to the electoral college, and after 2000, i have no plans on voting again until we move to direct elections, like most of the rest of the civilized world.
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