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I think they should be able to... I think the thing about "biomass" is that you'd have to be decomposing first before it can harvest the energy. An unconscious injured soldier isn't decomposing enough for it to harvest any energy.
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Wow I never realised dragonflies actually did migration - or is this a specific species of dragonflies. Living in Asia, where it's always warm, I see dragonflies all year round. And I thought dragonflies didn't have very long lives. But this is definitely interesting fact. Thanks for the post!
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It's amazing to actually be able to capture that shot. I mean it takes less than half a second for a bubble to burst, and the photographer manages to take it in "half-burst" position. Great photography!
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I watched Sesame Street growing up and even when I was a little older (like 14 or 15) I still kind of enjoyed watching those familiar characters. I remember every show used to have a storyline, often with the help of the human characters Gordon and Marie. The show has evolved so much of the years though that I kind of miss the old days when there was just Big Bird, Snuffy, Elmo, Grover, Bert and Ernie, Oscar and Slimey, Kermit, The Count and Cookie Monster.
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Agree with you edvim. Think parents these days have become so protective of their children that they absolve any wrongdoing their children have done for them, not giving their children an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Children more or less grow up thinking everything is "their right" or that their parents will fight for them every time they get into some trouble. I think in this case, it shouldn't be about suing and trying to find someone to blame, but for both sides to learn what safety is.
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Somehow I think it's hard to please everyone - especially after you gain a bad reputation for yourself. Even after you've moved on from the previous mistake, there will be others who will somehow pick on something, no matter how small it may be.
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Haha doesn't look as endearing as Wall-E. But somehow I think it takes away some of the responsibility from residents to take out their own trash and place them in proper bins (organic, recyclable, chemical etc.). I can't imagine a world that turned into what Wall-E the movie portrayed, where people can't be bothered to take responsibility for anything that could be done by a robot...
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Ok, that just goes to show how much we should cut down on the french fries - it's not just fatty, oily with lots of salt, but with lots of sugar as well. And all that after McDonald's tries to put up nutritional information on their products to portray them as less than unhealthy than they actually are. But after reading this article, I kinda miss the days when we produced everything on our own, or bought them from little shops. Not saying all mass-produced foods are bad - the convenience is definitely a benefit - but takes away some of the fun from making things on your own. Maybe we've become too busy for that.
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I'd find it quite hard to believe that these cute little ones came about by accident - especially the little feature that they have their pouches facing downwards so their little ones don't get 'buried' in dirt just being in their pouches, or their perfect square feces. Someone must have thought hard enough to create them (or any other animal for that matter) that way.
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There's something I didn't get about the article. They were in Malaysia and were supposed to fly home (which the article doesn't state where). Why then does the article say that the wife "boarded a flight back in Saudi Arabia"? Were they in Malaysia or Saudi Arabia. Besides, if she bought tickets for them both on the same flight, wouldn't they have met in the plane when she boarded it after he had boarded? Unless she missed the flight while searching for her husband... A simple check on the airplane would have showed whether he had already boarded it or not.
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We probably don't have to speculate whether or not she fell 2 miles or 1 mile or what. The fact is she survived an accident which everyone else died in. If you asked survivors of such 'miracles', they'd probably tell you it isn't so much whether it was a miracle or not, but that they were thankful that they actually survived.
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Looks good, but as I was reading the directions, I realise the recipes called for blending the food in a food processor or at least making some kind of paste from the already cooked food. Didn't sound so appetising after that, though yeah, it would certainly be interesting to see the looks on people's faces if the food was served to them in a gourmet restaurant - and that it actually tasted good.
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@Ryan C
I agree with you. Actually it just seems to show that these marketers and producers were more upfront about their dubious products, masking them as good when they were actually dangerous, than they are now. Now they conceal the fact that they are dangerous and just sell them - think China's tainted milk incident.
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