10 Facts About Mass Produced Food

Did you know frozen peaches and peas can actually be healthier for you than fresh ones? Were you aware that Chicken McNuggets actually contain beef extract?

There's a whole lot most of us don't know about the foods we eat every day and HowStuffWorks is here to fill us in on some of that info. Of course, I don't recommend reading this if you've just ate -particularly if you just ate canned mushrooms.


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Ok, that just goes to show how much we should cut down on the french fries - it's not just fatty, oily with lots of salt, but with lots of sugar as well. And all that after McDonald's tries to put up nutritional information on their products to portray them as less than unhealthy than they actually are. But after reading this article, I kinda miss the days when we produced everything on our own, or bought them from little shops. Not saying all mass-produced foods are bad - the convenience is definitely a benefit - but takes away some of the fun from making things on your own. Maybe we've become too busy for that.
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A few thoughts: First, I'm down with carrageenan in my icecream. I wish I had it in my kitchen. Second, anchovies in Worcester sauce is part of it's goodness, and "fish sauce" is what built much of the ancient Mediterranean world from which Western culture is born. Third, I used to only buy cheese that had the dairy symbol on it and didn't say "cheese food" or "cheese product," but apparently they stopped doing that a few years ago and you have to really examine the packaging to be sure it's the real deal. Lastly, MAGGOTS?!?!
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