The Danger of Texting and Walking: Teenager Fell Into a Manhole

We all know that texting and driving is bad, but texting and walking? Fifteen-year-old teenager Alexa Longuiera learned that texting while you walk may be dangerous the hard way: she fell down a manhole while texting!

Alexa Longueira, 15, was walking on Victory Boulevard with a friend at about 5 p.m. yesterday, preparing to send a text, when she felt the ground give way.

"She literally just handed me the phone and I opened it [and] I felt this big drop," the Susan E. Wagner High School sophomore said.

"It was four or five feet, it was very painful. I kind of crawled out and the DEP guys came running and helped me. ... They were just, like, 'I'm sorry! I'm sorry!'" [...]

The family said it intends to file a lawsuit.

Whether Alexa was sending a text or not shouldn't make any difference, Mrs. Longueira said, because workers never should have left the manhole unattended. And while she's thankful the sewer wasn't full at the time, that didn't make it any less gross.

"Oh my God, it was putrid," she said. "One of her sneakers is still down there."

The Staten Island Advance has the story: Link (Photo: Jan Somma-Hammel/Staten Island Advance)

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She was walking WITH A FRIEND and still managed to fall into the three foot wide hole in the ground? No "Heads up, you're about to fall into the sewer" from unnamed oblivious teen #2? Those must have been some wicked awesome OMGROFLMAOWTFBBQs they were sending.
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