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Gattaca, anyone? How soon until a crime scene is sealed off, and all biological matter is analyzed for traces of human/suspect DNA? And what good is a system unless you have a large database of records to match any findings to?

Once again, Sci Fi predicts reality! Not that I think its a really bad thing, but it upps the potential for abuse. Proceed with caution, all that.
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Wait, so, no one has a one sentence way to disprove this? I love letting myself get wrapped up in crackpot theories as long as there's a cool science infusion afterwards that disproves the idea. Now that no one can pry the expanding earth theory from my mind ... I guess I'll have to go convert.
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What about the graphic designers that make the covers for the albums? The studio workers that mix the songs? The contract lawyers that negotiate how much the artists should get when their songs are played on the radio, in ads, etc. . There are many people that do work with the songs, and they should be compensated as well!
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