Expanding earth theory

Behold a fascinating video explaining the Expanding Earth theory of geological change over time. The idea is that the earth was once far smaller than it is now with a surface consisting of land only. Over millions of years the earth expanded, tearing the land apart into the continents that we know today and creating new surface which ended up as ocean floor. I don't believe any of it, but the animation showing the great land mass being assembled and disassembled is compelling. [YouTube]

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There stil would have been small seas or oceans possibly lying where the continents had broken and the floor expanded.
To understand this better the contemplation of quantum phenomina is helpfull and a mind open to the idea that we and our universe is created.
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The univerce grew from nothing, why carnt a planet?
obviously a higher power can control the quantum structure and add or remove quantum information.
But a period of expansion completes the puzzle
how else do you explain disalinement of the earliest south american stone callender to lose about 15 degrees of the summer solstice, and the inconsistency of the pyrimids age and the astrinomical significance of there position and thats just the begining forgeting the fact that the continents fit allmost perfectly together on a smaller globe.
regards a more accurate model
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This theory is nonsense.

The most easily found flaws:

1 - if Earth was expanding to this day, there wouldnt be continents collinding right now

2 - its a false assumption of the uneducated that the first supercontinent on Earth was Pangea. It was only THE LAST supercontinent. Scientists have evidences of many other supercontinents that appeared and disappeared in the last 4 billion years (Pangea is only 200 million years old).
The expanding Earth Theory cannot explain all the evidence for previous supercontinents and the continuous cycle of collision and separation of the tectonic plates.
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No - you're right - of course I can't.

You've brought the concept of gravitational mass changing over a finite and presumably measurable period of time, however. If you're going to cite the dinosaurs as evidence of possible less gravity, surely you must have an idea as to how/why less gravity became more gravity over time?
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Gee... I dunno... How does dark matter create itself? What is it? Where's the proof... Wish I knew... But you don't have to prove it to me for me think it's a possibility...

Honestly... can you even prove the age of the Earth? No... you can only guess at it...
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