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Do you occasionally feel guilty about downloading music without paying for it? Most folks don’t care about the record companies, but what about the musicians? Darren Barefoot has the solution with a website called Dear Rockers. Write a letter to a musician, and mail it off with $5. The site has a database where you can find many addresses. Also, send a photo or scan of your letter to the website, and they’ll post it. You can clear your conscience, showcase your creativity, and thank a musician all at once! Link -via Metafilter

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great idea, as a musician myself, i thought of doing this years ago, i was going to call it ""

i dont have the time, glad to see someone else run with of luck!
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...Or we could mail them stuff and they could get our addresses and give them with our names to big poppa RIAA, and use them as admissions of copyright infringement.
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Radio stations don't get paid to play music. that was called payola, and it was illegalized in the 50's.

the studio workers (engineers), and graphic designers get paid by the studio long before an album is released. and neither of the get a percentage of profits.

your worried about the lawyers? please, there the only ones making a living.
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What about the graphic designers that make the covers for the albums? The studio workers that mix the songs? The contract lawyers that negotiate how much the artists should get when their songs are played on the radio, in ads, etc. . There are many people that do work with the songs, and they should be compensated as well!
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