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I'd just like to rain on everyones parade and point out that the mosquitos aren't actually delivering any kind of vaccine. The study just made sure the participants were protected from malaria (via quinine or whatever) while they let malaria bugs bite them, which stimulated the body's natural tendency to form an immunity against it.
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Easier version of the link above:

Not to take attention away from Shamus' work, though. Awesome accomplishment for a single guy dinking around, and a pleasure to read.
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I hope they got the right number. Crowdsourced revenge can really socially DDOS them, but only if they actually identified the culprit(s). Lucky for them /b/ is down, or they'd be in for some REAL pain.
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Huh, its like the opposite of sensory deprivation, maybe? I think I'd like to try it, but feh a woolsuit seems like it'd be expensive, and I wouldn't want a used one. .
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The "Good Samaritan" law was a joke concieved by Seinfeld writers, and we laughed at it (or we were supposed to, anyway). It sounds like more than a few people here would be willing to help pass a real-life version of a TV sitcom joke.

I side with the booth people. What if the rapist had a knife/gun? When the attendant moves in, the rapist kills the victim, flees, and the attendant is widely cricized and sued by the victims family for taking the law into his own hands instead of waiting for trained policeman.

Im just saying, it always, always goes both ways.
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Feh, just another Octomom/McNugget emergency/whatever to distract us from things we should really be ticked off about. Or we choose to be distracted, rather than face some difficult truths.
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Clearly, science is Evil and the doctor that put these eight babies into the woman is a mad scientist.

Get real. The woman deviated from standard procedure by not letting the doctor remove the excess eggs that implanted.
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Agree @ Creamy. But I also think half the light tube should be blacked out or reflective, I cant imagine what it'd do to your night vision to have a glowing stick a foot from your face.
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Remember, folks! You don't have a right to your life or your offspring, the State is simply allowing you to posses them until they decide otherwise! AMERIKA UBER ALLES!
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The real fun stuff is going to start happening when we start getting a library of DNA codes that we can start using as programming language. For example, going online and grabbing the pre-written stuff to metabolize sucrose, and throwing that into your genetic program to add that functionality to your creature.
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