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I personally would hate it. I mean the Euro coins and notes are really boring to me. I like it when the country has their own completely different designs.
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He's only worn jeans once in his life to a party! I don't know about anyone else, but my jeans get comfier with age, just like leather shoes.
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That's a joke right? Where is the link to the article? I grew up in Australia & remember when I was a child that catching & freezing cane toads was all the rage.
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I've met some nice pitbulls, but i've also seen my dog (when she was a puppy) get almost killed by a roaming pit bull.. It all comes down to the kind of person that raises them.
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This reminds me of a friend of a classmate, who ran over a kid on his bike and wanted the family to pay for the damages done to her car!! Unbelievable.
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I love Neatorama, but queuebot posts too much stuff that isn't always great quality, and frankly some of them just looked like people hawking their own wares. I don't want Neatorama to be one of those blogs that I end up never reading because there is too much filler on it.
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