The Subway Dogs of Moscow

Life in Moscow has certainly changed since Soviet Times, but apparently stray dogs have adapted well: they ride the subway just like ordinary people!

Foraging dogs have long been part of Moscow’s landscape, but they stayed mostly in the city’s industrial zones and lived a semiferal existence. They mainly relied on discarded food, rather than handouts, so they kept their distance from humans.

With old factories being transformed into shopping centers and apartments, strays have become more skillful beggars. [...]

... many Muscovites appear to enjoy, or at least tolerate, the dog population. Most of the dogs go out of their way to avoid antagonizing people. Even pooping in the metro is rare, researchers say.

Link [with an embedded Video Clip of a stray dog riding the subway!] | Wall Street Journal article about the cushy life of Moscow's subway dogs - via Rue The Day

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If they want to control their feral dog population, they could adopt a program to capture and neuter/spay as many of the dogs as they can.
Also educate people about doing that to pets and not releasing them in to the wild when they're no longer wanted.

Yes, but there are 35,000 stray dogs in Moscow, how are you going to do that? Only 500 live in subway stations, and of them, only 20 ride the trains. A few even take the escalators. Above ground they have been seen crossing the street with the signals.
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They do the same in Buenos Aires. I am not sure they use the metro for a ride downtown but they use it to keep warm in the winter. Normally, people do not mind and they let them have their nap in peace...
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I can tell you that there is much life in the Moscow Metro lines. They are very deep, and so stay warm in the Winter.

And I have to say that many stations are quite beautiful, as well.
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