Can Two People Eat on $67 a Week?

Jason Song was reading a book about making homemade bacon when his wife suggested they both undertake the 'food stamp challenge.' 

The challenge?  Seeing if the two of them could subsist on $72 worth of food a week.  This dollar amount is about what a family of two in California will get in food stamps. 

Considering that they both spent $700 on food, alcohol, and dining out alone the month before, they had quite a challenge on their hands.


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I live in one of the New England states, and food here is expensive. Although there are only two people in my family, I still have a difficult time spending less than $100.00 a week on food. I try to eat really, really healthy, so I buy lots of fresh veggies and fruit, whole grains, greek yogurt, chicken, and salmon. If someone can explain to me how to eat cheaper but still purchase fresh veggies and fruit, etc., I'd sure appreciate it. I can't continue to spend this much on food per week...I'm unemployed at the moment and definitely need to stretch my food bill.
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Yes I think they can if you're creative. You dont need to eat meat every day and you can dice it up and make some real great dishes. Having extra money is alway good of course.

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My husband and I just celebrated our first month. I moved to VA with him after the wedding. I am job-hunting, so we are living off what he makes in the Navy. we have $797 in rent, about $120 in utilities, $100 in car/apartment insurance (my car is paid thank god for graduation gifts). He has $10,000 of debt he is paying off, I have about $8000 in student loans... and thats just for the one year of college (i'm 19.)
Our groceries come out to about $100-150 for two weeks. We shop at the commissary which saves us money. I splurge more on meat, I like to get fresh fish, especially tuna and that adds up. I save money by using powdered milk in recipes. I don't buy boxed macaroni and cheese, I make my own in bulk. It's hard cooking for two, so I cook the same as I did when I still lived with my parents and we freeze the leftovers, and he brings some to work. We don't eat out very much, and then weekends we have a friend who stays the whole weekend so the budget is a little bigger. I also factored the dog/ferret food into the budget. If I wrote out the menus in advance I could save more, but somethings change on a day to day basis. I'm tired of hearing people who spend $700 a month for junk, but at the same time, if you have money to spend, you don't realize how much you've spent till you look back or need it... and anywhere that can get away with driving prices up will. We went to busch gardens last weekend (military so got in free)... and we spent $40 eating there for two people. Our friend with us spent $16 on a turkey sandwich, $3 something on a drink.....
My relatives in cali say it's hell to grocery shop cheap.
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I'd be willing to wager that 75% of the people bragging about what they live on probably have only done it for one or two weeks living on food they wouldn't want to eat for more than a few days. Yes, ramen is 12/$1. "I can totally live on less than $2 a week!"

...Doesn't mean I actually will except that one week where my rent, taxes, insurance, and car registration came due. Of course, since I did that random time I can wave that over everyone's heads for years. How about sharing what you've learned saving to make some other people's lives easier?

Not all of us live in places with affordable options for fresh, healthy food... or places where 1 bedroom apartments are less than $1500/month. I can use all the tips I can get!
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