15 Crazy Lawsuits that Make You Want to Sue Someone

Fifteen of the kind of frivolous lawsuits that make you want to rip your hair out... including the guy who sued the family of the kid he ran over in his car, the A-student who sued to get an A+, and of course the inmate who tried to sue himself for $5 million.

Two well-meaning teenage girls in Durango, Colorado decided one summer night to bake cookies for their neighbors. They packaged the baked treats in plastic wrap with a heart-shaped message wishing the recipients a good night. When they knocked at the door of Wanita Renea Young, however, the woman became so terrified that someone was outside her house at 10:30 PM that she suffered an anxiety attack and successfully sued the girls for $930 to cover a trip to the emergency room.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by fishkins.

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I agree 100% with Noelegy. If you are knocking on someone's door at that hour, it had better be an emergency. I'd be somewhat alarmed, heart racing, and if it turned out to be for nothing, I guess I'd be a little mad, but the cookies would be enough to make up for it, provided they didn't suck. ;)
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Um, not even in the small town where I grew up and knew all my neighbors would I have ever presumed to knock on their door at 10:30 pm, not even to bring them cookies. I can't blame the woman for being scared, although suing the girls is kind of stupid, even if they did show poor judgment mixed with good intentions.
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Im sorry but I cannot consider 17 a child. 15 or less I would consider a child.

But still being under 18 his parent could be part to blame for not providing him with the safety equipment.
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mmmmm... torts.

Josh, I have to disagree with you, simply because children are children, and adults are adults, and children shouldn't have to die because they aren't capable of the same reasoning an adult would have.

Yes, children should know better, but we forgive them up to a certain age for plenty of things.
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