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15 Crazy Lawsuits that Make You Want to Sue Someone

Fifteen of the kind of frivolous lawsuits that make you want to rip your hair out... including the guy who sued the family of the kid he ran over in his car, the A-student who sued to get an A+, and of course the inmate who tried to sue himself for $5 million.

Two well-meaning teenage girls in Durango, Colorado decided one summer night to bake cookies for their neighbors. They packaged the baked treats in plastic wrap with a heart-shaped message wishing the recipients a good night. When they knocked at the door of Wanita Renea Young, however, the woman became so terrified that someone was outside her house at 10:30 PM that she suffered an anxiety attack and successfully sued the girls for $930 to cover a trip to the emergency room.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by fishkins.


that'll teach you to bake cookies.

That old women was trying to teach you a lesson that a woman's place is no longer in the kitchen. How dare you bake cookies in today's society?!?!?!?!

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Instead of "Sleeping Student Sues Teacher for Waking Him Up" (which is not why he sued her), the headline should say, "Student Sues Teacher for Inflicting Permanent Hearing Loss."
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It's a shame that we don't have a system in place to make people think twice about filing stupid lawsuits that waste money and valuable time. It would certainly cut down on this sort of idiocy. All of these were ridiculous, and you hear of more and more every day.
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Easy fix, if the plaintiff loses in court (including dismissals) they pay all costs incurred for the defendent. Too many defendents pay up substantial amounts, for cases they would most certainly win, simply to avoid going to court which would cost them even more. Tort reform is definitely needed.
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This seems like a good concept for a regular-human superhero. Beating the stuffing out of these useless excuses for human beings. 'The Vindicator'...or 'Scales of Justice', more costume ideas there.
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This reminds me of a friend of a classmate, who ran over a kid on his bike and wanted the family to pay for the damages done to her car!! Unbelievable.
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@ D Bozko -

As much as I hate frivilous lawsuits, the problem with 'loser pays costs' it that it turns justice into gambling game and favors those who can affort to take the risk. Obviously some people with valid cases will lose.
We can't come to a point where people have a valid reason to sue, but don't because they can't afford to take the chance. Then justice will only be for the rich.
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We do have a system of punishing frivilous lawsuits. Read Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

As for the comment of the loser paying all the court costs, you have no idea how the financing of our legal system works, and if you had your way, your health insurance / car insurance / home insurance would never pay for anything ever, as if they don't dispute everything now. They love to take your premiums, but they'll file a lawsuit if you ever actually try to collect on your insurance.
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People will hate me but I have to say I have no sympathy for the first one. The kid was a idiot for riding a bike at night without a flashing light, reflectors or helmet he had it coming. I have almost ran over bikers many times for similar situations.

One time I almost wreaked into another car going around a corner when a biker was riding against traffic on the road without any lights going around a corner that had no room for a bike on the edge. I ended up swerving almost hitting the car next to me.
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mmmmm... torts.

Josh, I have to disagree with you, simply because children are children, and adults are adults, and children shouldn't have to die because they aren't capable of the same reasoning an adult would have.

Yes, children should know better, but we forgive them up to a certain age for plenty of things.
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Im sorry but I cannot consider 17 a child. 15 or less I would consider a child.

But still being under 18 his parent could be part to blame for not providing him with the safety equipment.
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Um, not even in the small town where I grew up and knew all my neighbors would I have ever presumed to knock on their door at 10:30 pm, not even to bring them cookies. I can't blame the woman for being scared, although suing the girls is kind of stupid, even if they did show poor judgment mixed with good intentions.
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I agree 100% with Noelegy. If you are knocking on someone's door at that hour, it had better be an emergency. I'd be somewhat alarmed, heart racing, and if it turned out to be for nothing, I guess I'd be a little mad, but the cookies would be enough to make up for it, provided they didn't suck. ;)
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