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dfzxhf, I guess you're unaware that the majority of MLP fans on the internet are straight males that call themselves 'Bronies' and basically ruin the fandom for just about everyone else, especially the children that MLP is targeted towards in the first place.
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While I find these people to be incredibly annoying, giving them a ticket for it is just being a nanny state. It's the sort of crap that we get in the UK all the time. Why just texting? What about people talking on their phones? Listening to MP3 players? Eating?
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Even without the repulsiveness of dog tongues around human mouths... this woman's asking to get bitten. That dog is *not* being affectionate, it's giving her a very clear warning to back off. Those aren't 'kisses' - in this context (lips drawn back, teeth bared) mouth licking is a submissive, placating gesture to the dominant pack member to try and get her to stop showing her teeth and growling at it. Stupid, stupid woman.
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How many times are we going to see the same old 'secrets of Disney!' articles on Neatorama. They're not secrets. Everybody knows them. You keep telling us about them!
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Indeed, we have lots of meaty flavours for crisps in the UK, and we're big on 'novelty' flavours too, like burger and fries or baked potato or spaghetti bolognese. That said, those flavours are usually terrible, but other people seem to like them.

I'm told that the US doesn't have blackcurrant flavouring either. Very popular in the UK.
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I hate this 'lazy' excuse for fat pets.

You're responsible for how much food they eat. I appreciate that it's not as easy to initiate exercise with a cat as it is with a dog, but you can still control the amount of food (regardless of quality) that goes into their bowl at feeding time.
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Sometimes I feel like the only person that thinks talking animals like this are just creepy, not cute. Personally, I think it would have been ten times better with the animals just being cute and voiced over, rather than being digitally made to talk.
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