A Gallery Of Obese Animals

Apparently there's an animal obesity epidemic in the U.S. that coincides with people being heavier than ever before, at least according to the almighty media.

Personally, I prefer my kitties on the heavy side, so they don't taunt me about my weight with their condescending looks and incredible feats of agility.

Michelle Collins from Best Week Ever wants to raise awareness about this issue with a gallery she has put together of overweight animals and the humans that get a hernia trying to lift them off the ground.

Or maybe she just wants to point and laugh at the poor little critters, which will probably lead to kibble binging and catnip addiction.


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If cheaper foods actually had healthy ingredients for our pets, maybe they wouldn't be so fat.
We switched to a better brand (and frickin expensive too) and our dogs got much leaner and no more explosive diarrhea on our carpet.
We switched the cats food to the same brand but he's still as fat as ever though *shrugs* He's just REALLY lazy.
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I hate this 'lazy' excuse for fat pets.

You're responsible for how much food they eat. I appreciate that it's not as easy to initiate exercise with a cat as it is with a dog, but you can still control the amount of food (regardless of quality) that goes into their bowl at feeding time.
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That cat should be in the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alike club. That's one crazy fat cat. Is he sneaking meals from three or four families?
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We limit our cats food and trust me.. he's still fat b/c he's extremely lazy. His idea of playing is plopping on his side and batting at whatever until it's out of range. He just ballooned up after we had him fixed as a kitten.
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