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czd5 don't feel so bad. This was actually on a Videosift list a few weeks backs. That being said, the Germans were not nice to the Ukrainians. My Great-grandfather would attest to it, and no he was not Jewish. This video is very powerful. That girl is really talented and passionate.
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i am loving the comments so far. So crows can recognize this so they know what cars to dirty? If so, I hope to remain in the good graces of the crows on my street.
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i just got my VA driver's license, and i will not not join those in complaining about not being able to smile. The black and white pictures with no smile are actually more flattering. My friend looks like Sade on a cd cover.
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"it apparently was used to dispose trash, and the items found in it included the poorly preserved skeleton of the young woman" This sentence sticks out. There must have been a better way to arrange the wording.
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Yeah, but this wasn't a fancy tattoo parlor in Vegas, it was some guy in Eastern Europe. Getting any kind of cash flow would never be turned down, and maybe he preyed on her stupidity, but she is 100% at fault.
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maybe a zookeeper took it home. let's be positive! anyways i kept thinking about televangelists the whole time i watched the video (with sound off). wonder why?
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