P-Mate Lets Women Pee Like Men!

Who says that boys should have all the fun peeing standing up? Here's P-mate, a "urinating device" that allows women to pee just like the guys!

From the directions of use:

- Simply pop open the P-Mate and move your panties aside and place the cupped area under the flow area between your legs.

- Have the funnel facing slightly downwards.

- Relax and pee.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by femtalks.

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Hi, we are the producers of the P-Mate.

@ Desere: we added a folding line in the P-Mate, so you can put it in your back pocket of your trousers, or carry it discretly in a (small) purse.

@ Ted: Yes the P-Mate is used by lesbians and women who think they're men... also. But that is just a very small percentage. Most (happy) users are between 15 and 80 years. Your ideas are from 2 centuries ago. Shame on you!
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It's funny how you accuse Ted of the same thing you are doing. You assume that because he says "Yes, this is used by lesbians and women who think they're men. Stuff like this has been around forever." that what he means is "Ted, Ted, Ted. Things (and people) that deviate from the norm are not automatically stupid or invalid." Now you tell me where his statement said anything about people deviating from the norm are automatically stupid. Seems like you are putting his comment into a certin category of people who don't agree with yours, and in doing so invalidate your original argument.
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I don't think Ted is threatened by anyone - Sorry Ted I know you can speak for yourself and I do think you should think before you type. Your generalizations were inconsiderate at best. However, I understand your need to equate them to other devises for women that you consider useless. Not being a woman it would be hard for you to see the concerns in the same light but in the future please try - not for your sake but for ours.

I will admit that I am jealose of men being able to stand and not pee on their feet. This device was not created to help women feel like men - it was created because of situations such as unsanitary public restrooms and camping. I saw the inventer on TV talking about it years ago on some good morning broadcast. Let's face it - squatting to pee is messing business and inaccurate at best. I am certain that use of this device does not mitgate the need for tissue. Now when they solve that with the P-mate then I'll spend my precious money on it. Otherwise I think it is a cute idea that I will not buy. And if I am so inclined to need one I will cut out a piece of cardboard and make one.

Happy debating! :)
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