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Damn, I lived in a basement apartment in Toronto where the front door got snowed in like that during one nasty winter storm. Wish I'd thought of using it creatively like that.
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I have witnessed UPS doing that exact same thing at my house. My office is in my front room where I can see my front gate. UPS guy walked up to the gate, didn't bother opening it, and just flung the packet up onto my porch, about 20 feet. It was a soft packet containing just an item of clothing so it obviously didn't feel breakable, but I doubt that's how they're supposed to be treating ANY package.
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It is missing its paint, but it is not for picking flowers. It is a pickle picker, for daintily picking up pickles out of pickle dishes. You put it over your thumb and forefinger.
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Dang, my heart was in my throat just watching that on a tiny screen. I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been for everyone on that plane.
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That's just like those Funniest Videos shows. I hate that I love them, but I love them. Everytime they open a shot on a trampoline you just know it's going to be gold. When will we learn that gravity is NOT our friend.
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See, now this is a neat story.
I do feel kinda bad for the guys with their feets hanging down. Couldn't she put down some towels or something?
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His delivery is hilarious. However, I for one have a well-documented capacity for doing nothing and spending time with nothing really going on upstairs. And, last I checked, I am in fact female. I hope I haven't just given away our big trade secret...
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There was a guy using a similar technique in Vegas and the fumes were unbelievable even yards away. Like this guy, the artist I watched had no protective gear, no gloves, no mask. I can't even imagine the state of his lungs.
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