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Rats? No! Vats! We need to be moving toward in vitro production of things like meat and milk and other animal products. With advances in tissue culture and stem cells, we should be able to raise milk-producing cells in culture and grow bacon in nice sandwich sized sheets. Fur can grow like astroturf in big fields. We just need to stop wasting all our great scientific minds on curing stupid diseases and redirect them to pay more attention to food and luxury consumer goods. Priorities, people.
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It didn't get me but only because it was so nice and quiet I was cringing the whole time waiting for it to turn into one of those damn surprise ghost things that scares you out of your chair.
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I don't think it's preferential treatment. The first-class TSA line at the airport, THAT's preferential treatment and pisses me off royally. My concern if this catches on: regular firefighters now have all these extra people in a fire zone they need to keep an eye out for. These contractors should sign a waiver that absolves local safety crews of any responsibility for looking out for their welfare if they go into a fire zone.
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I can't believe it, this generation is actually inheriting problems created by a generation previous? Whoa. That's never happened before. And students working together on a collective project? That's certainly a first. OK, end of snarkitude.

What I do think is a new problem is that we finally DO have tools that can transform the college learning experience, but because elite schools are really about research more than teaching, these tools are only reaching actual classrooms in dribs and drabs. Until innovation in teaching is rewarded the same way as grant-getting and publishing, I think we're going to see more of the same, sadly.
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The missing factor is the gender difference in voiding frequency. Men and women in their 30s (prime age for marriage and living together) have different norms: women urinate an average of 6.2 times per day, men 4.3. Therefore, the down position receives the greater use and is the better default. As people age, their voiding frequency becomes more equal - women go less often, men more often. By the 70s, it's just about the same. So by this time, when arguing about money, the kids, and infidelity has lost its zing, the position of the seat is more of a 50-50 proposition and is always there to fight about.
Source: Burgio KL, Engel BT, & Locher JL. Normative patterns of diurnal urination across 6 age decades. The Journal of urology. 1991;145(4):728-31.
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Typical idea from someone with no concept of how people actually relax. Can you see the whole surface of your home coffee table? I sure can't. It's always covered with magazines, dishes, remote control things, mail, etc.
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Little kids do dumb, bad things all the time to see what things are made of and to see what they can get away with. Parents sometimes get distracted. Usually those two things coincide in the safety and privacy of home. Fortunately the kid didn't run off in a part of the station where he could end up on a train track.
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A leg iron - when it opens you can put it over someone's leg (or maybe an animal's?) and slip a link of chain over the circular fitting above, then close and lock it up.
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