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They get overturned by being washed onto the shore by waves, tides etc. I applaud neatorama for posting such a blog! Yeah, these creatures look scary but they are COMPLETELY flip 'em!
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OK...I've seen 8 of these films and I really recommend Jacob's Ladder, Happiness, Hard Candy, Salo and Eraserhead. I personally think that 'the Deer Hunter' should be on this is the ONLY film that has ever REALLY disturbed me...I had horrid visions of that movie for days. And now, I want to go rent it again...I must be twisted.
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Baby is obviously the product of failed reincarnation...she's got the mind of some philosopher who died but lacks the vocal motor skills to expound on her frustrating!

And, dad is kinda hot....
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I swear, I think this guy is whacking off while watching the hamster 'run' in the wok....which makes me think this video was more likely found on some beastiality site rather than cute overload or something innocent like that...
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We have a chain of places like this in Los Angeles called 'UWink''ve been there twice and it was OK...but not ridiculously impressive
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That Rhodesian pic doesn't look very much like a real Rhodesian Ridgeback..... I'd bet a whole lot of money that it's another breed/mix.

I had a Rhodesian Ridgeback growing up and will attest that they are AMAZING dogs...loyal, loving, intelligent and just plain wonderful...great family dogs and, in my opinion, not 'Manly' dogs at all
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