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Some capital convictions have been based on DNA evidence.
Conviction for a capital crime in a state allowing the death penalty results in the death of a prisoner.
As this story illustrates DNA evidence can be contaminated.
Death is a permanent condition.

There is a chance that some contaminated DNA evidence has been used in the wrongful conviction of a suspect, and that suspect could be executed.

The point of my comment was rhetorically questioning whether we should impose an irrevocable sentence based on science that can be flawed.

Or, "don't put all you dinucleotides in one basket"
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When I need to measure something quickly I use my thumb, the distance between my first & second knuckle is approx. an inch.
Also, when I got to the "use peanut butter to get gum out of hair" tip all I could think of was the episode of the Simpsons when Lisa got gum in her hair.
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If I'm goin' to a parade it's to sit there in the sun and have 3 year old saltwater taffy and tootsie roll missiles thrown at me by the guy who wants to be elected to the city council. I sure ain't interested in helping push no milk crates around.
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I feed a family of 4, and one of them is a teenage boy on about 80$ a week (that's if I throw in some junk food).
That's $20 per person/wk.
These guys are spending $36 per person/wk and want warm fuzzies?
I don't even try that hard to be "frugal" or "economical", I've seen women in my neighborhood feed their bigger families for less than me.
Let us know when they've done something really challenging or have something insightful say.
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