Linux Baby Rocker

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YouTube user macjonesnz programmed his CD-ROM tray to repeatedly open and close. Then he tied a string between the tray and his child's car seat. Result: sleeping baby.

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August 26th, 2009 at 7:55 am
Linux/Unix is so antiquated and should have died with Windows NT. While the rest of the world moved on, Linux stayed the same. It’s like working with DOS or on a commodore 64. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the commodore 64 and DOS systems, technology advanced."

Obvious troll is obvious, but I'll bite anyway.

Linux was the first OS to support 64bit CPUs.

Linux was the first OS to support GPU acceleration of Windowing effects. (Compiz Fusion, yay!)

Linux was the first OS to have a fully working USB3.0 driver.

17% of Smartphones sold worldwide in 2006 had Linux on them. And this was BEFORE Android was available.

Linux is from the same background (POSIX compliant OSes) that gave birth to BSD. You know? What OSX is now based on? BSD and Linux projects are often ported to the other. WinNT also includes BSD code. Oops.

Microsoft recently dumped the original WinNT kernel. You have to EMULATE WinXP mode in Win7 now... It "requires processor-based virtualization support", So WinNT is effectively dead now, too.

While I still consider WinNT4 to be my most favourite OS, providing me with exactly what I wanted when I was using it... a plain OS that didn't have any unnecessary extra crap in it that I didn't want... WinNT4 is also horribly out of date, slow and difficult to install compared to ... dun dun-dun! Linuxes like Ubuntu.

Even WinXP, Vista both have horrible installations compared to Ubuntu. I use WinXP myself, but I wouldn't hesitate to say Ubuntu's installer kicks the crap out of it.

And that's just the installer. Hardware support is far better, it's far more secure overall, updates come far more frequently and there is an impressive amount of software available to it without having to trust search results and download sites for an EXE that might screw up your system.

ALL operating systems... Linux, Windows and even MacOS... mainly use windowing actions (buttons, tickboxes, etc) to execute console commands. You just don't see it because it's hidden in the background. For nearly every thing that you do in a GUI, the same action can be done via a command line. In Windows, instead of clicking Start, Turn off Computer, Restart... I can make a batch file script to execute: "shutdown.exe -s" - Which would do the exact same thing by typing out a short command and hitting enter. Since, of course, WinNT/2K/XP may have a different kernel and method of booting than other Win's, it's still a "DOS" compliant OS for all the things it does under the pretty GUI... Under the hood, it's a command line based OS just like Linux. (Recovery Console for WinXP? It's DOS based.)

WinNT is dead, Linux has evolved and you're a retard. Get used to it.
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