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There are several things wrong with the science here. All the stuff on dark matter is very wrong. The masses of the quarks are not known nearly as precisely as they are in that table. There's the antiphoton thing that James White mentioned. And you don't get quarks by splitting protons and neutrons - quarks are never observed alone, only as parts of mesons and baryons.
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Game Quote, "They say that killing is wrong, perhaps they just aren't doing it correctly" ... Perhaps the valuation of money and the means of the acquisition was the problem related to the happiness. Personal satisfaction from playing a musical instrument, going to medical school and then helping the poor and suffering via direct benefit. Sitting in a cabin thinking great thoughts about being poor and hungry, probably not the most efficient means of happiness. Perhaps religion is a delusion and if we are just temporal being what does it matter, but that delusion for some is a significant form of happiness for others. Saw no inherent posting in the regard from the friendly donor.
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Darn! And I was going to name my kid Achmed Barack Hitler Stalin Bush Cheney Bin Ladin Obama. They took my idea! Lol. These people should be castrated, and the kids should be re-named and sent to a different family. No, never mind. They should all be deported to some stinking hell-hole of a country.
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Ya... no. These are the kind of people who need to have their, erm, parts cut off. You are 25 & 35, can't work, and you expect to be able to support more kids!?!?! These people are worse than the Octomom! but still, they should be able to name their kids what they want, but those who want to pick their kids names better hurry up because Obama is probably going to take away that right as well. Under Obama, pretty soon we won't have names, we will only have numbers. "Good morning, 2938448, how is your son, 437483874??? Did you see what 28329824 said on TV last night!?!?"
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Surprised no-one else picked you up on this.
Leigh Brackett wrote an early draught of The Empire Strikes Back, but it is generally known that not much if any of what she wrote made it into the final film, However George Lucas kept her credited as one of the writers out of respect - She died shortly after.
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I'm here in Utah and when I saw it on the news I too thought "Musky?".

That's still my bet, but you'd think that biologists or the DNR or someone would know a Musky when they see one.

FWIW though, I think that Muskies aren't one of the fish shown in the Utah fishing guide. I haven't looked since last summer though.
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| Good students copy, great students steal.

Poor students copy.
Good students do it themselves.
Better students steal.
Great students don't get caught.


Grad students don't do anything.
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"Not owning a TV isn’t a Christian thing, it’s a poor people thing."

It's a matter of priority, not finance.

Nearly every shack and shanty in the slums of São Paulo has a TV in it.

These are people who have to steal electricity, who don't have a phone, who might not have running water and who probably haven't every owned a set of new clothes. Some of them collect cans for a living.

In the two years I was there it never ceased to amaze me that a family with 6 people living in a single scrapwood room would still have a TV.

Btw, as a Christian who owns a TV, I think the key is to use it appropriately. Some shows can bring families together, stimulate discussion, etc.
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I'm not a green nut or a animal rights nut, but I do like good food, and I like farms. (and I mean nut in the nicest way possible).

I'm working on convincing my wife that when we graduate we should move somewhere we can afford enough land for a couple cows, pigs and some chickens.

And some fruit trees.
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