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I read the Wired article last week. Great magazine by the way. Very interesting article. I wonder if we'll ever learn more about it?

They also had another great article on a sculpture at the CIA headquarters, that has crytopgraphers stumped.
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I live in Saint Louis, and I've been to Lambert's a number of times... the menu/food is very similar to Cracker Barrel. The food is very good, not great. I couldn't recommend driving hours to go there just to experience, it, but if you were within an hours drive while traveling, I'd recommend it at least once.

The Ozark, MO location is under 15 minutes from Springfield, MO and about 20 minutes north of Branson, MO.
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I hope this turns out to be something... I've been following this guy for about 2 years on google alerts. I hope it is the real deal. And why haven't one of the big 3 auto makers snapped this guy up and made him the Chief Tech officer, and get their big trucks 50mpg, and then let the imports deal with that.
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This isn't the 17th Century, where you need a big brood to help on the farm... Disgusting... irresponsible... Its totally alien to me why they would do this. Shame on them.
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Neatorama's stock just went down for me today... :( Sad.

I've suggested much better links in the past for this site, and you put up this drivel.

I posted this link, last week and it never got posted... much better neatorama material...

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Very impressive... one of my favorite Neatorama pieces.
I've been coming here a couple years, and this is one, would make my top 10.

Now if ballet was like this, there'd be no having to talk me into going to watch it with my wife.
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Fun clip... like to see more on here like that. I like Myth Busters when there isn't much else on.

Truly not what I expected the outcome to be.
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I tried this criticker site, and after rating at least 200 movies in about an hour, I didn't like the way it recommened movies. I much prefer http://movielens.umn.edu/main

about the site:

its tech is based on a cool website that was around years ago called moviecritic.com, and adobe bought the site and technology used with the site, and closed it down.

Movielens simply works like this...
It takes your ratings patterns and bases its suggestions on the recommendations of other users with similar rating patterns.

Also about it here:
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I saw this very thing, on CSI Miami the other night. I thought they had made it up, for a plot device. I know similar weapons are in developement for the US military.

Not unlike the XM29 OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) , that is used in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series of games, based on actual military prototypes.

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