Movie Recommendation Engine

Criticker is a movie recommendations engine and community.

The idea is simple: rank a bunch of films on a scale of 0-100, and Criticker will search its database of thousands of users and critics to see who you best match up with. Apparently, I have the almost same taste in film as Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune. Criticker refers to the measure of how good we match as the "Taste Compatibility Index". The lower the TCI, the better.

Film recommendations are generated by looking at the movies which my top TCIs have highly ranked. Criticker has thousands of users, and over 15,000 films, so the supply of recommendations is seemingly endless.

The best part is, Criticker doesn’t hide any of its calculations. I can see exactly why a certain film has been recommended to me. Or, the reason Frank Lovece (TV Guide) and I have such a poor TCI (hint: he loved Ice Age). It’s extremely addictive. Add a forum, a blog, and buddy lists, and you have a site which could easily consume hours of idle time. Link

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It doesn't really seem to work... I rated about 200 films and it recommended me loads of black and white war films... I don't know why it thinks I like that.
It doesn't seem to use ANY kind of system that would be any use...
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I tried this criticker site, and after rating at least 200 movies in about an hour, I didn't like the way it recommened movies. I much prefer

about the site:

its tech is based on a cool website that was around years ago called, and adobe bought the site and technology used with the site, and closed it down.

Movielens simply works like this...
It takes your ratings patterns and bases its suggestions on the recommendations of other users with similar rating patterns.

Also about it here:
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I got 5 pages in, at 25 movies per page, before I realized you not only have to click "Seen it", then enter a score, but also click "Submit", and wait for each movie to score.

What a PITA. I agree with Ryan that a better scoring system is needed, particularly since the critics nearly universally use a 5-star scale. Why does the average Joe suddenly need 100 stars?

If I want to spend my time on movie information, I'll stick with the Hollywood Stock Exchange.
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I think the rating system needs improved. Treat it less like a school grade score. 50% should be ambivalent, not a complete fail.

Otherwise your system really lacks nuance when only 100-80% is good.
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