Classic Gas-Guzzlers Reborn

Polished chrome, a roaring engine and shimmering tail-fins; they sure don’t make ‘em like they used to, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Sure, classic cars are known for their durability, beautiful design and craftsmanship but they’re also infamous gas-guzzlers.

In Wichita, Kansas, Jonathan Goodwin says that may no longer have to be the case:

Goodwin is making a name for himself -- and his company, H-Line Conversions -- by turning gas-guzzling behemoths like Hummers, Cadillac Escalades, Jeeps and other big American cars into clean-power machines.

The first thing he does is remove the old inefficient engine -- even if it's a brand new vehicle -- and replace it with a diesel engine that can run on biodiesel.

"It's the transformation of what I call old technology to new technology," Goodwin says.


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Unfortunately his plan doesn't work in any area with emission controls. Sure you can play the don't ask, don't tell game if its an old enough vehicle but you are still breaking the rules.
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Not true, old cars can be pretty efficient, you just gotta find one that still has a straight-six. Every car made in America in the fifties and sixties came with three engines, a V8, a really big and expensive V8, and an economical straight-six. My '60 Chevy had a straight-six, got 25 miles per gallon. Unfortunately it sputtered out an anemic 150 horsepower, but it was still pretty quick.

Still though, it does hurt me a little to see a perfectly functioning classic ruined in this fashion, especially when they're getting rarer and rarer.
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Stop it! Those poor cars! You're hurting them!
Biodiesel is not the answer. You may as well enjoy your occasional use of your classic the way it was intended instead of using a horrible diesel plant with an ethically dodgy fuel.
Hydrogen is the way forward here; not ruining classics.
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I hope this turns out to be something... I've been following this guy for about 2 years on google alerts. I hope it is the real deal. And why haven't one of the big 3 auto makers snapped this guy up and made him the Chief Tech officer, and get their big trucks 50mpg, and then let the imports deal with that.
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