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You might be a redneck alien seems usually attracted to you, gets you drunk on what he says is Coors, and lures you on to his space ship. Then ditches you the next morning in some field buck naked like you were a last call hook up they regret they had.
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How about a Dr Who movie musical, only difference is its about the members of the band Who. They get their PhDs in physics and build a time traveling pinball machine, or perhaps a Magic Bus.
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Humans share 90-95% of the same genes with apes so from a Darwinian perspective the headline's right. Oh wait, Armstrong's still alive. Maybe not.
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Wasn't there a Consumer's Bill of Rights proposal or something? Well, if there was one specifically for eating out one of the amendmentts should be "the consumer has the right to waive server tip entitlement based on exceptionally poor performance of said server and/or restaurant establishment."
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Probably had no chance of running away with the drag caused by those.

But it would be a totally awesome chase scene if he made to a the rooftop of a skyscraper with cops right on his tail, leaped off the side, and his ears acted as parachutes, landing safely out of reach.
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A club shaped like a musical note that rings its tone out when struck against a human head. Used by music teacher of early 20th century boarding schools.
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